Leni or BBM? Selecting the Best Leader for our Country

Leni or BBM? How to Select the Best Leader for our Country

The election is a turning point event in every democratic country. It will certainly shape your future and history. You don’t need to be a diehard supporter of a candidate or a political fan. You just need to apply your common sense in choosing who is best because they make policies, whether good or bad, that affect everyone within a given territory.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the most systematic problems in government agencies. Poor health care response, doubtful budget allocations, corruption, political dynasty, disinformation, climate change, flawed educational system, and widening gap between rich and the poor. The issue mentioned will slowly but surely put our country on the brink of being a failed state.

As these issues piled up, we are thankful that the election is only weeks remaining. We will elect a leader who we think can address these issues and will lead us to progress. The problem is there is massive machinery of hypnotizing disinformation and mind-conditioning across social media platforms. It reaches the point that many sleep on lies, instead of knowing the truth.

In this article, I made a guideline for selecting the best leader for your country.

1. Don’t believe in fake news

In this information age, fake news is rampant across social media platforms. It could be health or politics-related. Speaking of elections, culprits commonly targets a good candidate. Some people may find it difficult to distinguish which is fake or real. 

According to IFLA (2021), we can identify legit news by checking the following: 

  • The credibility of the author and media outlet
  • The date of publication of an article
  • The quality of work
  • Backed by experts

If we vote for a candidate who benefits from fake news, there’s a higher chance they will fool us once they acquire a seat in government. 

2. Assess their platforms

Election-related platforms are vital forces to develop a state/nation and solve current and underlying problems. A candidate must have a platform that is:

  • beneficial for everyone
  • clear, concrete, and logical
  • having a specific action-plan
  • feasible
  • capable of solving short and long-term problems


3. Check their track record

Their track record affects the decision-making process. We must remember that their action in the past and the current practice contributes to their type of leadership.

For specific background check, consider the following:

  • educational attainment
  • work experience
  • public service achievements
  • advocacies

DO NOT VOTE for a candidate convicted of any crimes, especially graft, human rights abuse, or corruption. Also, it’s never been fair to vote for a tax evader. You pay taxes while that bastard isn’t.

4. Watch legitimate debates

Legitimate debates are grounds for people to know the standpoints of candidates regarding an issue. But did I say ‘legitimate’? Well, it is because there’s a media platform that runs a debate but is biased toward candidates beforehand. They are just fooling people so never rely on these!

Legitimate debates are unbiased and accredited by the Commission on Elections. Before you give a vote for a candidate, the following should be considered:

  • not a debate absentee
  • standpoints are clear and well-explained
  • knowledgeable about the topics asked/discussed
  • provides the right answer to the questions/issues hurled at him
  • doesn’t violate the debate guidelines

A DEBATE ABSENTEE IS LAZY AND COWARD (unless he/she had a health problem that day)**. The only intention of a lazy leader is to serve only for himself, not the state and its people. Cowards will vanish in times of crisis.

5. Think about the future if your candidate wins

You are a beneficiary or a victim of their policies, whether you’re a businessman, doctor, farmer, or student. Also, think about your loved ones, your business or job, or your dreams. Will you enjoy their leadership or suffer? Contemplate!

Thank you for reading this! VOTE WISELY, MGA KABABAYAN!

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About the Author:

Kyle Zamuel F. De Jesus, 20, is a MedTech student from the Philippines. He wants to pursue his dreams in life and help many people. While studying, he invests in producing articles that will surely make people enjoy. He’s not a professional writer, though. He only wants to share what is on his mind.

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