You all hate online classes, right?

You all hate online classes, right?

In this blog, I expressed my opinions, rants, and experiences during online classes. So I would lovingly appreciate it if you lend me your time to read this.

I am a 3rd MedTech student, and we should learn and practice in the clinical laboratory most of the time. We should apply what we studied from lecture sessions in the lab, the reason why we can understand the lessons quickly when the pandemic was still not an issue. The problem is the change of learning settings. From face-to-face classes, we shift to an online mode of learning due to the pandemic. Even the laboratory classes become online. That is why we are messed up.

Lower learning input is the main issue here. Learning a lesson in this online setting requires more time, focus, and effort than during face-to-face classes. Yes, we remember what we reviewed to get high scores for exams and quizzes. But in the long run, we may forget it because we did not apply it in the lab. We do not have a microscope, machines, blood typing sera, stains, reagents, and other medical equipment at home. What we do is use improvised materials to do activities resembling laboratory procedures. Also, we are easily distracted and tempted to do unnecessary things at home while focusing on our studies.

Although my third-year journey will be challenging, I will try my best to get passing grades. The lessons would require tremendous hard and smart work to learn, and yet, the time is short. I allot more than 10 hrs. (including class hours) for studies every day. I am not a genius or an A+ student who is passionate about their academic run. There are more things that I have to be busy with aside from studies. Also, I have to take care of my mental health.

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We have an excellent set of professors because most of them do their very best to deliver the knowledge and the skills required to attain success in the workplace. Salute to those teachers, professors, and other school personnel who do their best to deliver quality education. The COVID-19, poor pandemic response, and the current nationwide educational system are to blame for the burden we feel during this time. 

Internet connection issues, inclement weather, power problems, and distracting environment are very annoying while learning. Imagine I was about to report in our Readings in Philippine History subject when we lose an internet connection at home. I almost cried because I hardly prepared and feared that I might receive a low score. Thankfully, my very kind neighbor offered me to connect to their WiFi. Then, I delivered my report successfully.

Do you miss going around with your friends after classes? Eating together in a restaurant, shopping at the mall, watching the latest movies in the theater, touring around the relaxing places, and sightseeing inside the museum. Those are the moments that we miss. Sadly, we can’t do that as of this time. Admit it! We miss our college friends.

I want to share this. We miss traveling to the desired place before the pandemic. Hehe!

Not all of us are ready to study in an online class setting. Because of this, here are the eight realities behind the online class:

  • Some students can’t afford a gadget.
  • Some students do not have access to a stable internet connection.
  • Some students need to work while studying.
  • Most students experience mental health problems because of online class struggles.
  • Some students have family problems.
  • Most of us lose focus.
  • Some students do not have a decent study environment.
  • Many dropped out.

In short, not everyone has the same privilege. Therefore, an online class is an anti-poor system. We hate this setting, but we also hate being left behind, the reason why we still study. I hope we will get back to normal soon.

Aside from negativities in online learning, there are some things that we currently enjoy. Like we save money going from home to school, have more family time, and strengthen our digital capacity. But still, not all students enjoy those mentioned positive effects.

Thank you very much for reading this! I wish you all the best! Focus on your goals! I pray for your success in your academic run. Work hard and smart! Keep safe! God bless! And I love you 😘

I hope that this site is meaningful to you. Have a great day!

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About the Author:

Kyle Zamuel F. De Jesus, 20, is a MedTech student from the Philippines. He wants to pursue his dreams in life and help many people. While studying, he invests in producing articles that will surely make people enjoy. He’s not a professional writer, though. He only wants to share what is on his mind.

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