The Place Where the Dreams of the Living Meets with the Souls of the Departed

The Place Where the Dreams of the Living Meets with the Souls of the Departed

While I’m sleeping, I dreamed about my close relative who passed away recently. He shouldered me and gave words of motivation. By the way, we are at the place something like farmland during the nighttime. I saw thousands of stars above, and everything at the great distance is just a plain horizon, except for the mountain at the right. I also saw some people roaming around, but I have no idea who they are. When I woke up, I wish that I should dream of meeting with my beloved relative again. I miss him and love him so much.

My illustration of what it looks like.

Sometimes I asked myself, what if there is a place where the dreams of the living can meet with the souls of the departed? I mean, while we are dreaming, we can go to the place where we can meet with our late beloved. Of course, we do not control what to dream. It just happens while we are sleeping. Sometimes it’s a good dream, or sometimes a nightmare. So I think it’s beyond impossible.

In our world, it’s impossible to bring our dream state into that meeting place. However, we might not know what our late beloved can do for us to interact with them. I may think that their souls may have the power to enter our dreams and interact with us. For me, that would be memorable because they might say something to us that could be inspirational or a piece of guidance to live our lives. Also, we could share our stories with them, sing a favorite song, play around, ask about their memorable experiences while they are living, or even crack good jokes together. Of course, these activities should be good and holy, not evil.

One more thing. If the place I wished will come true, that should fill with love, and every evil kind should be in absolute absence, just like heaven.

I know that this is just my hypothetical thought, but I think this gives a message to us — that our late beloved is guiding us and praying for us in every moment of our lives. Their sacrifices and legacies serve as their memories for us to treasure. Every single human will die, and we don’t know when. So the best thing to do is live our lives to the fullest and do good and remarkable things for the people around us.

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Kyle Zamuel F. De Jesus, 20, is a MedTech student from the Philippines. He wants to pursue his dreams in life and help many people. While studying, he invests in producing articles that will surely make people enjoy. He’s not a professional writer, though. He only wants to share what is on his mind.

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